Welcome to Wonderest Music Festival


A sustainable music festival focused on close encounters. A perfect escape from technology and the distractions of city-life, and a getaway to connect with people, music, and nature, showcasing international and local artists in an ever-evolving 4 day adventure.




Exclusive limited festival experience

A chill micro-festival in nature with just 300 people. In addition to the music experience, there are various workshops, panel discussions on environmental topics, community meals, and multi-sensory experiences.

Music closer than ever

Live in the woods, the most intimate listening experience has arrived. The stage is a field, a meadow, a forest, a campfire, a barn, a lakeside. Sitting at the foot of the platform, feeling the heartbeat behind the songs. Musicians will not only be performing, but they will also eat together, join the forest walks, participate in panels and workshops with everyone.

Artist-curated program

The first international festival in Hungary without a pre-announced music program. Artists are invited for a four-day residency with access to rehearsal rooms, allowing them to collaborate, come up with new ideas and write new music, allowing festival guests to peek into the creative processes. The artists shape the festival’s music program, collaborating with each other through surprise forest concerts, sunrise sessions and one-off performances.

Tangible sustainability

A tree is planted after every festival pass sold – helping the planet regenerate through music in the Őrség National Park, Hungary. The national park staff take guests on guided hikes and workshops on local flora and fauna. Collaborative actions: community travel, leave-no-trace policy, merchandise from circular economy partners.

Community meals

A zero-waste vegan kitchen with local farmer partners and seasonal produce.These breakfasts and dinners are enjoyed by guests, organizers, and musicians together. Recipes are created by award-winning chefs, bringing the most nutritious and healthy festival food possible. Nourishment for the body, support for the land. 

Tech-free camping

A break away from everyday life and digital noise, experiencing a minimalist lifestyle during 4 days of camping, immersed in a slow living rhythm. Leaving phones behind, wifi-less, and free to roam.

From headphones to ears. Get away from your headphones on the couch to join live in the woods, the most intimate listening experience.