Please read the entry conditions carefully. The Regulations apply to all participants of WONDEREST Festival and those staying at the designated campsite and surrounding festival areas in Ispánk, Hungary, and shall enter into force on July 7, 2022.

  1. The campsite is located in Hungary, in Ispánk on private property and will be available from 07.07 to 10.07.2022. The coordinates are: 46°52’01.2″N 16°26’38.2″E
  2. Our Regulations apply to all persons who will be present during the campsite operation, as well as to all participants of WONDEREST Festival.
  3. The purpose of the house rules you are reading is to ensure safety on the festival campsite by defining the principles of mutual functioning in respect for the Nature that surrounds us and courtesy of the Landlord.
  4. The campsite is open from 07.07 (Thursday, 12.00), to 10.07 (Sunday, 13:00), which means that all visitors will be able to use it from Thursday, 07.07 from 12:00 and are required to leave by Sunday, 10.07 till 13:00.
  5. The campsite is intended only for tents (campers, cars or other motorized vehicles are forbidden and will be directed to the parking area).
  6. The Organizers will prepare separate parking spaces in the vicinity of the campsite. ATTENTION: we kindly ask you for rational use of parking spaces, as well as organizing common rides. Let’s respect the area where we will all be guests.
  7. An adult may use the camping site after presenting a valid ID.
  8. The campsite may be used by a minor only under the supervision of an adult person and on the sole responsibility of that adult.
  9. Animals are allowed on the campsite subject to an adult, human guardian, who takes full responsibility for the animal.
  10. Tents larger than 4-person tents are not allowed on our campsite.
  11. It is forbidden to bring dangerous objects to the campsite, and it is up to the Organizers of the Event to assess which items are considered dangerous or not.
  12. The Organizers ensure the safety of event participants and those staying on the campsite, among others, by providing medical, fire and sanitary assistance from 07.07 (Thursday, 12.00), to 10.07 (Sunday, 13:00), so long as the campsite is open.
  13. Users of the campsite and all other people who are in its area are obliged to behave in a manner that does not endanger the life and safety of other people staying in the camping site. In order to clarify – persons staying at the festival area, in particular the campsite area, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, psychotropic substances or other similar agents, possessing dangerous objects and / or behaving aggressively or otherwise posing a security risk may be asked to leave the festival area, and bear sole responsibility for their safety and the effects of their actions. In case of refusal to leave upon request, the Organizers are entitled to remove the person(s) from the campgrounds and from the festival event itself in a manner that is lawful.
  14. Any damages caused by people using the campsite should be repaired in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code. Removing or leaving the campsite as a result of refusing to stay in the campsite, for reasons specified in the Regulations, does not release this person from the obligation to repair the damage, or recompense it upon request.
  15. At the campsite and surrounding festival areas, it is prohibited to:
    • Bring in alcoholic drinks from outside (It will be possible to buy alcoholic beverages at the festival bar and through our beer partner)
    • Bring drink glasses (as they might be considered dangerous items if they break)
    • Bring / possess any illegal substances, or dangerous items (as defined by the Organizers)
    • burn bonfires (the exception is the bonfire organized by the Organizers)
    • use open fire in tents
    • arrange barbecues
    • use electrical devices such as hairdryers, straighteners, etc.
    • connect devices to the festival’s electrical networks
    • damage the campsite and festival infrastructure, including signs and information boards
    • devastate the greenery
    • disturb the order, e.g. by playing music from mobile phones or speakers
    • litter the area
    • bring dangerous items
    • bring and use plastic cutlery, cups, and dishes
  16. We ask for the maximum reduction of plastic bags. If you bring any plastic / glass / metal with you, you will be responsible for keeping them with you until the end of the festival and then disposing of them in the nearest town, where selective recycling exists. As a green festival aiming at becoming zero- waste, we will not have plastic or glass recycling bins, only bins for paper.
  17. Paid meals and other food and drink products will be available to our participants at the kitchen facility within the campsite grounds.
  18. Because we take zero-waste seriously we require participants to use biodegradable cosmetics (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, UV block etc.) within the campsite grounds
  19. The Organizers require minimal waste production and everyone at the campsite is obliged to clean after themselves and LEAVE NO TRACE at the campsite.
  20. Smokers are obliged to clean all cigarette butts after themselves. Please bring cigarette disposing containers with you that you use for that purpose.
  21. Each participant is required to have:
    • own cutlery, plate, mug/cup
    • medical thermal insulated foil/bags so the tent is protected against heat or cold
    • foam pad and/or mattress
    • yoga mat or polifoam (for yoga, and for sitting outside)
    • sleeping bag
    • comfortable hiking boots
    • warm clothes
    • mosquito and tick remedies
    • handy first aid kit
    • flashlights, including headlamps
    • reflective element (key ring, belt, clip, vest, other)
    • waterproof clothing items, among others raincoat, wellies
    • food supplies for snacks (paid breakfast and dinner will be available, paid lunch as well by the locals)
  22. Cashless transactions on-site are not guaranteed; there are no ATMs nearby, so in order to purchase food, drinks, or other products at our kitchen facility or anywhere else – please make sure you HAVE CASH in HUF.
  23. We will have a craft beer company called Bers Nova joining us with a beer truck, so beer on tap will be available throughout the whole festival. When you buy beer on tap, make sure you bring your own cup / mug / container, keeping in mind our zero-waste policy, as we will not have single-use cups for the beer, only recups with a deposit system.
  24. The campsite has access to water. However, let’s take care of the environment and let’s not overstate the hospitality of the Őrség National Park – we recommend using it wisely.
  25. The campsite has access to electricity. However, that will only be available for musicians and staff members for work purposes. There is no wifi in the area, and the site is located in an area with limited mobile phone range. We encourage you to use the time for joint conversations, inspirations and getting to know each other, or additionally bring a power bank to keep your phone alive.
  26. The Organizers may issue their own instructions on safety and fire protection in accordance with applicable law.
  27. By participating in the Festival, you accept the above conditions.