9941, Őrség National Park, Hungary
46°52’01.2″N 16°26’38.2″E


You can travel to the festival either by car, or you can also take public transport to Őriszentpéter, the city nearest to the festival.

>>> PLEASE LET US KNOW which transport option you are planning on, so we can help you with your ride:
https://forms.gle/yauNPEQvtwms18t16 <<<


You can approach the festival site by car up until the designated parking area. The parking area is right next to the campground and main festival site, with easy access.

ATTENTION: we kindly ask you for rational use of parking spaces, as well as organising common rides. Let’s respect the area where we will all be guests.

WE ARE TRYING TO MINIMISE OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Please consider offering your empty seat, if you have a place in your car. We have a Facebook group to help you with that. You can join and post about offering or needing extra car seats.
>>> https://www.facebook.com/groups/205337507201817/


(Budapest > Őriszentpéter)

You can travel to the festival by train from Budapest through Déli Pályaudvar (South train station) to the nearest city called Őriszentpéter. Check tickets and timetable here: https://jegy.mav.hu

Note that from Őriszentpéter train station there is very limited local transport. Feel free to post in the WONDEREST travel group to ask for a car ride from the train station to the festival site:

In the case that there will be more people travelling by train than what our guests and volunteers can offer rides for, then we will consider hiring a local festival bus for transit between the train station and the festival site (approx. 6 min ride).