Black Sheep Camp Gyálukaluluj, Transilvania
(Poiana Horea, Romania)



You can travel to the festival either by car, or you can also join our festival bus. Limited bus tickets are available on our ticketing website (find more details about bus route and schedule below).

All vehicles will be guided to the designated parking area, from where you can reach the festival site on foot. (approx. 15-20-minute uphill walk)

GPS coordinates for the designated parking area: 46.60146219270134, 22.917944785979294
GPS coordinates for the festival site: 46.60706014423928, 22.912538226249115

You can find a map of the festival site and sorrounding area at the bottom of this page. 


You can approach the festival site by car up until the designated parking area. From there you can hike up the hill (approx. 15-20-minute hike). Parking tickets will be available on the TIXA Website. ATTENTION: we kindly ask you for rational use of parking spaces, as well as organizing common rides.
Let’s respect the area where we will all be guests.

WE ARE TRYING TO MINIMIZE OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. Please consider offering your empty seat, if you have a place in your car. We have a Facebook group to help you with that.
You can join here and post about offering or needing extra car seats.


(Budapest » Debrecen » Festival & back)

We have a festival bus you can choose for your travel. It leaves Thursday morning from Budapest, through Debrecen and takes you directly to the festival location, then follows the same route back to Budapest Sunday afternoon. Bus tickets can be purchased here and are valid for the trip to the festival and back.


Departure: Thursday, 8th July, 6 AM, from Heroes’ square, the area behind the Kunsthalle and the Timewheel. Get there the latest by 5:45, the bus leaves at 6 sharp!

Stops on the way to the festival:

Hatvan (Tesco parking lot) – 6:30-6:45
Debrecen (Auchan parking lot) – 8:45-9:00

Arrival: Around 1-2 PM at the festival parking area. The campsite is a 400m uphill walk from there.
Return: The bus leaves Sunday 1 PM, estimated arrival to Budapest (Heroes’ square) is 8 PM.


If you’re keen on being your own boss and having access to a car during the festival, our official partners have available cars that you can rent! They have been our choice of travel many times, and we can full-heartedly recommend their services.

Check out their selection of brand-new comfort cars here: https://foxautorent.com/en